No. 120 solvent oil
Environment friendly solvent oil
Normal heptane
Mixed Heptane
carbon&hydrogen cleaning agent
Refined 6# solvent oil
Electronic product detergent
Methanol gasoline for


         No. 120 solvent oil
Item Quality index Testing method
Density(20°c),Kg/m3 730 GB/T1884 GB/T1885
Distillation range(°c) 80~120 GB/T6536
Level of residue,%,≤ 1.5  
Bromine valuegBr/100g ≤ 0.14  
Sulfur contente,% ≤ 0.02 SH/T0253
Doctor test Pass SH/T0174
Mechanical impurities and water content - On-the-spot survey
Water-soluble acid or alkali - GB/T259
Areneppm 200 SH/T 0166
Oil stain test Qualified  

Product use: It is colorless transparent liquid-like oil products mainly used as solvent oil in rubber industry, also used in other occasions. The product has stable performance.

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